What Is The AAIDP Site About?

Welcome to the AAIDP review website. We are committed to straight forward online product reviews. If you are searching for an unbiased analysis giving you researched information regarding products you are interested in, this is your site.

Our standard is ensuring, to the best of our ability, the products you are interested in are evaluated and the good, bad and indifferent qualities are highlighted for your satisfaction. Nothing will be held back.


What Products Does AAIDP Review?

We research a wide range of items. With our in-depth investigation capability, brand-new and modified existing products are constantly being reviewed and are available quickly. So, be confident, there is every likelihood the items of interest to you will be evaluated.


What Do You Get Out Of It?

As soon as we find a product of interest to the public, we start our research and evaluation process and make a full report available.

We will give you a “no holds barred” recommendation stating our evaluation, good or bad. If it’s good and you buy we will make a small commission; if it’s bad you won’t waste your money.


Can We Recommend Products For You to Review?

If you know of a product you are interested in and want an evaluation before buying, contact us and we will be pleased to add it to our list of work items for you.

Because there are so many products out there in such a wide variety of markets we can’t get around to them all. Just go to our “Contact Us Page” and give us your recommendation.


How Often Do You Add New Products?

Our target is to provide a new review weekly. Often it is more frequent; however, our focus is to give quality reviews instead of a quick-look report. This, of course, takes more time but well worth the effort.


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