Lost it? Find it.

Locate anything in seconds... using your iPhone or Android!
Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Make misplacing your belongings a thing of the past with TrackR bravo! Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item - then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds.
  • Never lose your keys, wallet, or phone again...
  • If an item goes missing track it down from anywhere...
  • TrackR makes it easy to find your things...
  • Quickly ring your lost item through the TrackR app...
  • TrackR makes your phone ring even on silent mode...
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What customers say:

For a $20 device, TrackR bravo really pays off ...helped me save about $300. The other day I left my wallet on the counter of a bar. As I began to walk out the front door, my phone started ringing like I was getting a phone call. I thought that was quite odd since I always keep my phone on vibrate. Sure enough, the TrackR app was ringing me since I had gone more than 100ft away from the TrackR in my wallet. Luckily, I got my wallet back and was able to buy more drinks at another bar and pay for a ride home! Cheers TrackR!
Chris MetzingerNew York, NY
Having a toddler who is constantly taking things out of my purse and misplacing them into interesting locations it has been so nice not wasting all my time looking for stuff in order to get out of the house!
Cheryl B. AdamsFort Collins, CO
I love it...saves a lot of search time for sure. Really glad I got it. Put one on my mom's keys too, because she is getting forgetful. Hopefully it will come in handy with her as well.
Brenda MarkelPortland, OR
Got excited. Bought three. Within a week it helped me find a set of keys that were between seats in my car. yay!
Albert KieselKellogg, MN
Item ringer
Phone Finder
2 Way Separation Alert

Item Ringer

If you can’t find your belongings, open the TrackR App and tap a button to make them ring. No more keys hiding in the couch!

Phone Finder

If you lose your phone all the time, there’s no need to have another TrackR to find it. Simply press the button on the TrackR device to make your phone ring - even on silent mode!

2 Way Separation Alerts

Prevent losing your items in the first place with separation alerts. If you leave your TrackR device behind, both your phone and device ring! No more leaving your purse or wallet behind.

There’s no reason not to be connected to the things you value most...

Item ringer
Phone finder
Crowd GPS

Item Ringer

With the quick tap of your finger, TrackR can ring your misplaced keys – no more hiding under the mail! Finding keys has never been easier.

Phone Finder

Can’t find your phone? Press your TrackR device’s button to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent! Finding your phone is too easy.

Crowd GPS

Lost something? TrackrR's Crowd GPS network will help you find it. When a TrackR user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update.
Separation alerts
Wallet Thin Design
Track it From anywhere!

Separation Alerts

Forgot your phone again? Custom 2-way separation alert notifies you before you leave items behind!

Wallet Thin Design

TrackR bravo uses beautiful anodized aluminum construction for the thinnest and most durable tracking device.

Track it down. From anywhere

If an item goes missing, the TrackR app records its last known location on a map. When another user of the TrackR app comes within a 100ft range of your lost item, you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.

Join thousands who are now connected to the things they value most... Order your TrackR today and never lose anything again!